Daybooks II

Morning came clear and brilliant. “I will do some heads of you today, Zinnia.” The Mexican sun, I thought, will reveal everything. Some of the tragedy of our present life may be captured, nothing can be hidden under this cloudless cruel sky. She leaned against a whitewashed wall. I drew close . . . and kissed her. A tear rolled down her cheek – and thenI captured forever the moment . . .

Let me see, f. 8- 1/10 sec. K I filter, panchromatic film, – how mechanical and calculated it sounds, yet really how spontaneous and genuine, for I have so overcome the mechanics of my camera that it functions responsive to my desires. My shutter coordinating with my brain is released in a way as natural as I might move my arm. I am beginning to approach an actual attainment in photography that in my ego of two or three years ago I had thought to have already reached.

Edward Weston (January 30, 1924).

One thought on “Daybooks II

  1. That’s beautiful, your words nestle me in a comfortable blanket of admiration, understanding, and connectedness. I love you, I miss you, carry on peacefully


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